2011         Quetzalcoatl Returns to Look at Himself in the Mirror, acrylic on pellon and cement,Canal and West Streets, Indianapolis

2009         Unraveling Borders/ Desenredando fronteras, approximately 10’ x 150’, acrylic paint on canvas and drywall. Painted on all four walls of the gallery and finished on-site at the National Museum of Mexican Art for the solo show Muralla sobre lienzo

2008         Somos Regalado, roughly 16’ x 82’ (total of 1368 sq. ft.), acrylic paint, locally produced clay tile, and slate on stucco. Created on a public wall in the town of Atacheo de Regalado, Michoacán. Supported by a grant from the Michoacán Culture Secretary, with assistance from the Chicago Public Art Group.

2007         Compass Rose, 12' x 34', acrylic on cement, Ridgeland Ave. south of Lake Street on north wall of train viaduct, Oak Park, IL. Competitive selection.

2006          Migrant Butterflies, mural encompasses the entire town of Caurio de Guadalupe, Michoacan. Main wall is 20 ft. x 425 ft., acrylic on adobe, on the town plaza. Scattered butterflies painted throughout the town. Supported by a competitive grant from Michoacán Secretary of Culture, with assistance from the Chicago Public Art Group

2005          Gulliver in Wonderland, ca. 3,500 total square feet, acrylic on aluminum siding painted on exterior walls of artist’s studio, Cullerton and Wolcott Streets, Chicago

2004          Ice Cream Dream, 8.5'x25.5', glass tile mosaic, Chicago Transit Authority's Western Avenue station, Pink Line. Commissioned by the Chicago Transit Authority. Competitive selection.

2002          Sowing Culture, 13'x13', StarkCountyBuilding, Toulon, IL

2001          Los secretos del caracol, diptych, 9'x12' each wall, Colegio de Michoacán, Zamora, Mich., Mexico

2000          Sufragio efectivo, no reelección, 30'x60', painted two stories above ground, Francisco Madero School, Chicago; with Mariah de Forest.

1999          Immigrant Christ, 25'x20', acrylic on canvas, painted for the Good Friday Way of the Cross procession organized by the Catholic parishes of Pilsen, Chicago

1997-98     A City in Transit, 35'x55', Washington and Chicago Avenues, Naperville, IL; with Mariah de Forest. Competitive selection.

1997          Alto al desplazamiento, artist’s section is 14'x20', 18th and Bishop Streets, Chicago; with members of Taller Mestizarte.

1996          Immigrant Heart, 8'x20', acrylic on canvas, commissioned by the Chicago Historical Society for the 1996 collective exhibit Pilsen and La Villita: Our Home, Our Struggle

1995-96     Awakening of the Americas, painted on all four walls of 9'x30'x20' room, RafaelCintrónOrtizCenter, University of Illinois at Chicago. Competitive selection.

1993-94     Loteria, 20'x430' (longest single-theme mural in Chicago), commissioned by Concession Services, Inc., 42nd and Ashland Streets, Chicago; with Mariah de Forest.

1992          Honor Boricua, 30'x20', Evergreen and Rockwell Streets, Chicago, for LUCHA.

                   In the Fount of Knowledge, 10'x14', De la Cruz Elementary School, Chicago. By invitation.

                   Shipwreck of the Arts, 14'x35', Highland Park HS, Highland Park, IL. By invitation.

                   La ronda del saber, 12'x40', LuisMuñozMarinPrimaryCenter, Chicago

1991-92    Chicago: Everyone’s City, 55'x75', commissioned by Security Federal Savings and Loan, rear wall at Division and Bosworth Streets, Chicago; with Mariah de Forest. Competitive selection.

1991          ¡Comunidad Sí! (It Takes a Vision), 6'x55', HaroldWashingtonLibraryCenter, 9th floor, Chicago; with Roberto Valadez and John Pitman Weber. Commissioned by the City of Chicago’s Percent for Art program. Competitive selection.

1990          Chic-Chac, 8'x14', mosaic, Rudy Lozano Library, Chicago; with Cynthia Weiss. Commissioned by the City of Chicago’s Percent for Art program. Competitive selection.

                  Homage to Van Gogh: The Crows Are in Mourning, 8'x24', acrylic on canvas, for group exhibition at N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago

                  Dreams and Realities of the Americas, 9'x14', Inter-AmericanMagnet School, Chicago. Commissioned as part of a three-month teaching project.

1989          Rituales de curación, 30'x4', Clínica Santa Fe, Zamora, Michoacán, Mexico

                   Peace, 25'x14', 18th and Bishop Streets, Chicago; with Roberto Valadez and Luis Montenegro.

1987-90     Amanecer, Parts I-IV, each 30'x14', Benito Juarez High School, Chicago; with Antonio Desantos, Aurelio Diaz, José Gonzalez, Ray Patlán, Gamaliel Ramirez, Celia Rodriguez, Roberto Valadez, and Salvador Vega. By invitation.

1987          The Cosmic Race, 9'x16', Lakeview Learning Center, Truman College, Clark and School Streets, Chicago. By invitation.

1986          Shoot for the Sky, 20'x30', Chicago Boys and Girls Club, 28th and Ridgeway, Chicago; with José Guerrero

                  Gulliver en el país de las maravillas, 12'x50', Bishop Street between 18th and 19th Streets, Chicago (destroyed)

1985          Our Roots, New Horizons, 16'x45', 26th and Kostner Streets, Chicago; with Aurelio Diaz and Alejandro Nava.

1980          Plan de Ayala, 12'x30', Bordo Grande, Michoacán, Mexico